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About 250 km west of Kolkata & bordering Purulia district of Bengal, in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand, boasts of that rough edge in its landscape that makes us wonder if our encounter with modernity has been a happy one. There is that hint of robustness in its hillocks, that ferocity in its small streams, that wildness in its jungles. Even the harshness of the reddish soil is of an unyielding sort. Here you brace yourself for a couple of days on primal edge, days that will stir memories buried deep in your civilised genes. Ranchi, the state capital was once famous as far as Bangladesh & Myanmar for its exceptional schooling.

McCluskieganj, a former largest Anglo-Indian settlement  in India, is still as beautiful as when the Anglos would punter along on their horses to the post office to pick up mails, with guns firmly slung on their back then. Or dance all night as the gramophones churned out melodies during Christmas parties. Of the nearly 300 original settlers, only about 20 families remain, the other houses have been bought as summer homes for the sahibs from Ranchi & Kolkata


There was a time when Galudhi was one of those small settlements where you prepared for a peaceful sojourn. Then the famous Dimna Lake & Barudhi Lake, for want of a better expression is simply stunning, and only the grimmest tourist can resist the temptation of a dip in the clear water.

Ghatsila has long been a popular tourist destination in eastern Jharkhand. One can go to nearby Panchpandavas; a rock formation that looks like a huddle of five human figures. Also see Raat Mohana, where the fast-flowing Swarnarekha has managed to knife a course through rocky ground. Dharagiri Falls is also a place to visit. Visit Satgurung, the name is of the result of the small stream circling the hill seven times. Exploring the jungles & a stream bath can be invigorating.

Deoghar – God’s home in Baidyanath Dham, draws devotees of Lord Shiva from far & wide. There was a time when it was a favourite with the elite Bengalis, a healthful retreat set in a natural ambience. According to legend, Lord Shiva manifested Himself as a linga of light at 12 places under different names, Baidyanath being one of them. Then Naulakhya Mandir, a 145-foot tall white marble temple, built a a cost of one million rupees almost 75 years back, has impressive pillars & beautiful black idols of Radha & Krishna.

Hazaribagh, the environmentalist’s insignia; literally translates into a thousand gardens. Unless you run into one of the Anglican summer homes built here ages ago, you might stumble upon geraniums & marigolds amidst moss-laden walls & wanton bougainvilleas. Pokhariaya will welcome you to the entrance to Hazaribagh National Park, where one can take a jeep safari to see the wilderness and its habitats. Also a must visit is Canary Hill & Tilaiya Dam .

Places of interests: Ranchi(Queen of Chotanagpur Plateau) , Jamshedpur (Steel City) Hazaribagh (National Park), Canary Hill, Tilaiya Dam, Galudhi, Barudih Lake, Ghatsila, Tagore Hill, Jagannath Temple (Lord Jagannath)  Satgurung, Dimna Lake, Deoghar (God’s Home), Baidyanath Dham, Nandan Pahar, Trikut Pagar, Mahadeva Temple, Tapovan, Kanke Dam, Tribal Museum, Murla Church, Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Hundru Falls, McCluskiegang, Jonha Falls & more...

At a short distance: Bodh Gaya (The seat of Enlightment), Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree (Buddha found Nirvana here), Rajgir (Hot Spring), Gaya (Hindu Mythology Kshetra), Nalanda (University & Archaeological Museum), Griddhakuta Hill (Eagle Peak), Sita Kund (Pinda Oferrings) , Saptaparni Cave, Great Buddha Statue, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Vietnamese Temple, Brahma Kund, Pretashila (Rock of Ghosts), Pritabhairavi (Goddess of Ghosts), Chinese Temple, Muchalinda Lake, Tibetan Monastary, Thai Monastary, Burmese Vihara, Royal Bhutan Monastary, Indosan Nippon Japanese (Temple) & more...

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